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By Katja Michel
On 9 July 2018, the 5th Anti-Money Laudering Directive (MLD5) entered into force.
By Arkadiusz Krasnodębski, Agnieszka Kulińska, Michał Motylewski, Wojciech Bogusławski
On 29 June 2018 the amendment to the act on renewable energy sources and certain other laws was published in the Journal of Laws (the "Amendment").
By Virginia Allen, Sarah Beeby, Michael Bronstein, Ryan Carthew, Mark Hamilton, Gilla Harris, Amanda Jones, Roger Tynan
Another defeat in latest legal fight over gig economy rights…
By Bill Fowler, Adam Brown
Decarbonising the UK's heat supply is a massive challenge, but like other aspects of the energy transition, it also presents significant opportunities for investors, developers, consumers and others.
By Michael Huertas
Fit and proper assessments are key supervisory tools in the EU but also in the Eurozone and its Banking Union.
By Chloe Snider
Yaiguaje v Chevron Corporation1 , released on May 23, 2018, is the most recent decision of the Court of Appeal for Ontario (the "Court") in that proceeding ...
By Ryan Middleton
When most people hear the terms "blockchain" and "DLT", they immediately think of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is not surprising due to the constant media coverage surrounding...
By Adrian Miedema
An Ontario appeal judge has upheld the dismissal of Occupational Health and Safety Act charges against employees due to delay.
By Daren Allen, Celyn Armstrong, Felicity Ewing, Katharine Harle, Steven Mills, Clare Stothard
This was the appeal of an unsuccessful claim against Credit Suisse International, in which the claimants alleged that the Bank had failed to secure the best price reasonably obtainable...
By Daren Allen, Celyn Armstrong, Felicity Ewing, Katharine Harle, Steven Mills, Clare Stothard
Whilst a number of cases in the first six months of 2017 dealt with issues of particular interest to litigators, the recent case with perhaps the widest implications for lawyers and investigators is SFO v. ENRC.
By Helena Rozman
The pay gap between the under-30s and over-30s has risen by more than half in the last 20 years, as younger workers are still enduring the residual effects of the financial crisis.
By Douglas Stewart, Deepshikha Dutt
Common law contract and principles require an insurer's duty of good faith to an insured.
By Adrian Miedema
Two forklift operators at a bottling plant have been found guilty after they were served with tickets under the Occupational Health and Safety Act charge for using cell phones while sitting on their forklifts.
By Robert (Bob) W. Murray, Rachel Curran, Melissa Caouette, Blair McCreadie, David Little, Michael Agosti
On June 7, Ontario voters elected a majority Progressive Conservative Party (PC) government, capturing 76 of the 124 seats in the provincial parliament
By Michael Huertas, Katja Michel, Markus Schrader
German financial services supervisor clarifies supervisory requirements on IT systems, processes and governance in financial institutions
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